Monday, May 03, 2010

works in progress

some stuff i've been meaning to post for a while,
some just need the templates sorting out,
others need totally finishing off.


PaperVinny said...

Amazing and awesome work Jonny. The skeleton on the bike is F'in wicked! I'm looking forward to the templates. Cheers!

Michael James said...

it's nice to see you're back;)

Anonymous said...

Can I have the template for the elephant w/ the boom box plz? Its soo cool!

JasonRN said...

I'm happy I've stumbled upon this blog. Being somewhat artistic myself, I have a great appreciation for what you're doing here. Great work man.

Stellan Erikzén Hermond said...

Mindblowing stuff on your blog, man! A li'l question. The skeleton on a bike, is that template accessable from somewhere? I really want it!