Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Afrikan Boy Lidl

this song is pure genius.

you will be humming shoplift in lidl all day long after hearing it.

this fella also guests on M.I.A's new album "kala",

good but not as good as shoplifting in lidl.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

2 Graffiti fonts Free for non-commercial use

fresh as morning dew,

hot off my pc today, "soundbwoy" the font.

(i would say there's a definite influence of ESPO in there,

whether we admit it or not we are all influenced by something)

2nd up an older font (only by a few months) is

a font for the "aging bboy" (TM Fatlace magazine :)
a simple old school dub style font.
Disclaimer: Graffiti takes skill, and an eye for balancing letters,
these fonts are not spaced properly, you will have to use your photoshop
skills to lay them out to get results!
NB. The Soundbwoy font has arrows, bubbles and hearts as numbers.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

...still got it after all these years. R.O.T crew Rusty Old Timers

a mural myself and one of my boys from back in the day,
painted in my daughters play area, about a year ago.
first time i'd picked up a can seriously in about 10 years.
(if you don't count drunken tagging).
that montana paint is some serious shit, i'd been used to using car paint,
but this montana black is great.
I recently did a project at a youth club teaching them graff, (i know crazy,
call the daily mail). The paint we had there was the montana gold brand,
using that paint anyone can be a writer, you gotta go out of your way to
get drips.
Writers today got it lucky.

My Ipod Weighs a Ton

back in the day...