Tuesday, October 10, 2006

anyone recognize this building?

only part finishedjust testing myself doing some higher poly,
and higher res textures than i'm used to.

Monday, October 09, 2006

A few sites that inspire me

for some fantastic mixtapes, eclectic music visit:


for updates on whats new in the vinyl figure world:


japanese program specifically for making paper models from obj files:

for getting your hands on evaluationv versions (wink, wink) of software and anything that takes their fancy:

all well worth checking out on a regular basis.
so what you still doing at my blog...

A Cardboard Writer

An idea i had, not sure if the execution was as succesful as i wanted,
inspired by the vinyl toys you can get.
sorry there's no instructions, but i try to keep these as simple as possible
(only two or three pieces per model).
i'm sure most people can work out what to stick where :)

I always wanted a subway train set

there's something magical about those old new york subway cars,
and since I couldn't find any models, I made my own.
(an old model I keep meaning to make a higher res version, just not enough hours in the day)
Just add your name along the side,
panel piece
top to bottom window down
or if you feel lucky
a whole train top-to-bottomgo on, you know you want to