Monday, February 01, 2010

star wars trooper shooter

Well here it is way to late for christmas,
maybe yer missus, or mister would appreciate it
for valentines day.

there are three troopers on one sheet,

and the blaster on the other,
(please note the blaster will
need strengthening with cardboard)

Also please note: I will not be held responsible
if you take your own or somebody elses eye out with
an elastic band.

get it here: mediafire

tunnel ratz

I think tunnel ratz were a late eighties graff crew from sheffield.
cool name.

you can find the rat here: mediafire

pub elvis

After a few drinks everyone thinks they can sing,
this is dedicated to them.

took a leaf out of harlan's book,
and printed some blank templates,
and just doodled on them.
scanned them into photoshop and coloured them.

here he is if you want him: mediafire