Tuesday, October 20, 2009

halloween / day of the dead

a simple to make skull decoration,
can be used for halloween, then left in
place for the mexican day of the dead.

hopefully i'll get a few printed up and string them
on some old christmas lights as halloween decos.

get me here : mediafire


Mr. Jones said...

ACK! Mediafire is blocked at work and I'd love to print this out for my students today. Any chance you can e-mail the file to me? extremeryno AT gmail DOT com, Please!


i've mailed you the pdf,
let me know if it doesn't arrive in a couple of hours.

gmail shouldn't block it as it is a pdf.

have fun with it.


Mr. Jones said...

Thank you very much. We got to make these Friday. Even the kids who hate art really got into this. Gave them some ideas on what to do with their actual sugar skulls most of them will be making this upcoming week at home.

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Eréndira said...

Hi i would like to use it for a spanish class in France, but mediafire is blocked here too. Could i have a copy by e-mail please?




Rachael said...

How do you download the pdf?

Sandy Yglesias said...

Hi! Can I get a copy of your PDF? sandyglerATgmailDOTcom

joy said...

Same...how to download as a pdf? If you happen to get this and can email it- Joy_Dawson@mcpsmd.org