Wednesday, February 06, 2008

must post more often

well here's the geisha model,
and here's a few notes for her construction,

1. assemble body first
2.slot arms in
3. the head, interlocks with
itself at the back, then slide it
in above the arms.
4. no glue required
(thought i'd change my style a bit)

it is fairly simple, maybe one day i'll get
around to doing instruction sheets as well.


oh and here's the link: mediafire


mikelite said...

that looks hot, can't wait to put it together, thanks.

Daryl said...

The geisha looks cute. Can't download the file :( What should I do??

Sky Fleming said...

Just got her made. Sexi. Keep it up!!
Got a few pics on my blog.

Anonymous said...

cant download no server available with requested data, tried many time, can you up to another free host please..